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  • Grace X: (she/ her) Species: Mostly Human.

Host, Captain, Cosmic Care-taker and  Agent of the Intergalactic Federation of Light. Grace X is an extremely creative space dwelling human. Her origin can be traced back to a non-time that exists somehow both in the past and the future.  Because of this she has calculated her existence to be exactly 512 years long. Due to spatial anomalies and temporal mechanics she appears physically much younger than 512 years old, making non-time the ultimate beauty secret. Grace is caring, taking on numerous space hitchhikers, pets, and plants as she continues her missions. She is one of the most knowledgeable people on all topics relating to lofi-scifi interstellar travel in the Studio-Spaced Universe. As an agent of the Intergalactic Federation of Light, she and the crew unabashedly explore an array of artforms for the purpose of solving interstellar problems.

Favorite color: crimson

Favorite food: Watermelon 

Special Skill: The power of creativity 

  • Studio-Spaced: (she/her) Designation: Spaceship and honourary Cosmic Caretaker. 

 A bio cybernetic strawberry shaped spacecraft with artificial consciousness and quantum bedazzle speed capabilities. Studio-Spaced has a very quirky and glitchy personality. Her objectives are to take care of Grace X and the crew, and to be as human as possible. In theory, being as human as possible is achieved by routinely downloading software updates. Unfortunately, as it is revealed in Episode 1 Season 2, due to being in a timeline where humanity has been wiped from existence, these software updates are now developed by a species of off-world robots whose only understanding of humanity is directly downloaded from a satellite database called, “How to act human when your not, a complete guide to making it in Hollywood and landing that audition”. To make matters worse, due to temporal disturbances, which disrupt the fabric of space time, the software updates have a tendency to spontaneously go out of date and style. When a software update goes out of date this can result in personality glitches and the development of negative human characteristics, such as greed and narcissism.  Luckily this is easily rectified by simply downloading the next software update. A procedure that Grace X has to do more often than she would like.

  • DR. Worm-Hole: (he/him) Species: I.D.T.Q.T.W

A sentient transportation species called an I.D.T.Q.T.W, which stands for: Interdimensional Tachyon Quantum Time Worm. A companion creature given to all members of the Intergalactic Federation of Light.

  • Oopy!!! (they/them) Species: Being of light

Oopy!!! (spelled with three exclamation marks) is an alien from Planet Pyramid and a master of body wellness including exercise, dance, meditation, connecting body and mind…or disconnecting body from mind. Oopy!!! was on an interplanetary exchange on a supermassive star inhabited by gigantic fire dogs called  Supa Sirius. But when a strawberry shaped spaceship caught their eye they hitched a ride, and the rest is history. 

In the Beginning:

The Creation of the Snailverse 

Before the Snailverse there existed a space and time without creativity, kindness, or hope. Known as the Great Feast or the Introverse. Ruled by an elite class called the Nomnomnom. 


The Nomnomnom were a species of humanoid-gastropods whose most notable characteristic was a complete absence of creativity and whose existence was based on consumption. Together the Nomnomnom ate everything. They ate and ate and grew and grew until they became so big that their earth could not contain them. So they ate their earth and drifted out into space. 


Floating out into the infinite abyss the beastly gastronomers devoured all of the planets and all of the stars. Finally, when there was nothing left in the entire inrtoverse except dark matter, which tasted too terrible btw, they devoured each other until only one Nomnomnom remained. This Nomnomnom was so vast, and thought to be boundless, until one day its body reached the edges of the dark universe. With nowhere else to go, it lay there cocooned in the crunchy grips of the end of time. Hungry, lonely, sad and crying, it desperately hydrated on its own tears and fed on the only remaining thing, terrible tasting dark matter, for several eternities until there was truly nothing left.


Only then, for lack of things to consume, did the Nomnomnom finally begin to shrink. It shrunk and shrunk into the center of the empty dark universe until it was smaller than a quark. With a loneliness so large and a sadness so extremely dense it violently collapsed into itself. And in a great gravitational implosion the Nomnomnom devoured its own body. To its surprise and owed only to the mysteries of the universes, BANG! The Nonnomnom blasted out of its own butt hole and into another dimension. 


In that bang the contents of the Nomnomnom's stomach, the stars, moons, planets, all came flying out too. Well, actually It was way less of an bang and more of a squirt really. But nonetheless, a burst, accomplished with unimaginably immense force. Like paint squirting from the tube, it all came twisting out into an exquisitely new and opposite universe, an outroverse. Even the Nomnomnom was opposite, no longer a corporeal life form, the Nonnomnom was now the spiraled fabric of space and time, the caring hopeful mother and great creator of the Outroverse, or the Snailverse as it eventually came to be known. 


As for the Nomnomnom species who were also squirted out into the Snailverse?


Well… That's a story for later...

Official Top Secret Federation Intel

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