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Active Collaborative Projects

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3D Sculptures for The Sculpture Biennale on Snail World 


You have been invited to participate in an intergalactic Art Exhibition!!!


Featured Art Submission by @interprismatic 

Call for Art:

Using any medium create a 3D Sculpture. (If you work in a 2D medium you are asked to create a representation of a 3D Sculpture)


This Years Theme: 

The Gift 

Artists have been asked to create a sculpture using the theme of The Gift as inspiration. You may be as literal or figurative as you like. 

Project Description:

The Snail World Sculpture Biennale a biannual Art Fair and the oldest Art Fair in the Snailaverse which provides an exhibition space of 70,000 m9. The Snail World Sculpture Biennale features both Snail and Intergalactic contemporary art and is considered to be one of the 'most important large-scale art exhibitions in the Snailverse' (according to inhabitants of Snail world)

Snail World History:

A world inhabited by an intelligent and creative species of Snails, is currently the center of an intergalactic controversy regarding the very definition of center.  Concerns over Snail Worlds violations against Cosmic Affairs, and Alien Rights Records have cast a shadow over The Snail World Sculpture Bianne including a diplo-galcto-mat boycott over serious Alien Rights abuses against the neighboring world known as Slug World and other Snail minorities on Snail World. 

Many artists will be using this exhibition as an opportunity to protest, Others will be creating art in support. Many artists, wishing to not mix their work with politics, will be doing whatever the heck they want!  


This project is: OPEN 

Deadline: TBD



We are Growing the Snailverse! 

Extracurricular activities. Complete one or all! Submit projects to have them appear on the show 

Project: Development of the Snailverse 


Call for Art

OOH, the places we can visit.


Medium: Video mediums such as various forms of Animation, or Live-Action


Project Description: 

These will be places that we can fly to during the live stream as part of a new interactive flight function called Destiny Mode. 

Videos can depict a region of space such as a nebula etc, a landing sequence with a planetscape, or something fantastical from your imagination. The goal is to expand on the world-building aspect of Studio-Spaced.

Project Outline:

You might create a single scene that includes flying to a planet in space that we do not land on or a region of space that we can explore. 


You might create a series of short scenes portraying a journey sequence For example:

Scene 1- Flying to and arriving at a planet in space

Scene 2- Landing on the planet

Scene 3- A repeatable loop of your imagined planetscape 

Scene 4- Liftoff and back into space 


-Artists who wish to collaborate in world-building will be given a special title of Architect. 

-These Scenes will be used repeatedly. 

-You may expand on your scenes, by contributing updates to your regions of space as time goes on. 

-Studio-Spaced has the mandate to promote and credit all collaborators for their contributions. Each time your scene airs we will include appropriate links to your website or social (whichever you prefer) 

This project is: OPEN 

Deadline: This is an ongoing project no deadline




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