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Artist's Statement 

This series stems from the deep desire to create an interpretation, a physical context, and an individual response to the duality of our times, a duality of despair and optimism. In the spirit of science fiction, this body of work is my exploration and manifestation of a world shrouded by hopes and fears, albeit from the perspective of a wildy female alternate universe.  


In Still Dream I create a world that is familiar but not ours, a distant planet taken over by something fierce yet sweet, beautiful and tender. I invite visitors from another world to it: those arriving in UFOs and you, the viewer. The visitors hover above the planet, alien, different, powerful, and unknown, and in that way they bring fear. But they also bring hope, through their novelty, knowledge, and the certainty that we are not alone.


When I imagined this other world and then moved there in the months that I painted these works, I felt its brightness, its rich colors, and the fun of the people that live there. I wanted to capture and freeze in time a certain easiness and superpower that comes to those with a guiltless conscience. A young girl embracing the unknown, a beautiful boy, a father and his protege daughter on the road, a woman supported by the ground beneath her.


Bringing aspects of classical paintings I wondered what the still life and portraits of this world would be, what the artist’s studio would hold. In the end, I found myself in these paintings.


About the title: I think it is crucial to still dream, despite everything. I paint to capture my dreams, to make them still, but in the end they are still just dreams.

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